This site has Pierre Mcguire’s segments from TSN 690’s Melnick in the Afternoon that aren’t in their podcast feed. Click on “Subscribe” (on the right) to see the last 10 episodes and to subscribe to the podcast. It is intend to be read by a podcasting app like iTunes. You can also download or play the segments on this site by clicking on the period at the end of each post.

I also include many of Michael Farber’s segments from the show and anything else I find interesting, usually about hockey.

The official Melnick in the Afternoon podcast hasn’t been updated since February 17th, 2015, but you can subscribe to it at: http://www2.tsn.ca/podcasts/tsn990melnick.xml


4 Responses to About

  1. Aaron says:

    Thank you, pls apply for tsn.ca IT dept. They don’t know there’s a problem yet, but their employees do.


  2. ted says:

    Are you all done up loading the TSN 690 McGuire segment for the season.


  3. Ted says:

    Thanks for the update. As a Habs fan living in New England the podcast is much appreciated. Keep up the good work.


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